What if Your Uber Driver Gets Pulled Over?

What if Your Uber Driver Gets Pulled Over?

There are many things that can get a driver pulled over. Regular drivers and rideshare drivers alike. If your Uber driver does get pulled over during your ride, there are quite a few different directions that your ride can take.

So, what if your Uber driver gets pulled over? Most of the time, your ride can continue, and this won’t delay your trip for too long. However, in some extreme cases, you might have to get another ride.

But, what if you have somewhere to be and you can’t afford any extra time? What if you do actually have to get a taxi or another Uber? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions, as well as a few other helpful hints about what to be aware of in the case that your Uber does get pulled over.

What Happens to Your Ride if Uber is Pulled Over?

Although Uber does screen their drivers, they can’t always be sure what the driver is doing on his or her own time. There are many different reasons why drivers can get pulled over, and each one can end with one of two scenarios: your ride either ends, or it doesn’t.

If your ride ends, you maybe will need to get another Uber, call a friend, or even get a taxi. In any of those events, you’ll still end up paying for the ride that ended, as well as the new ride. Unless, of course, you’re able to find a friend to get you to where you need to be. Hopefully, they won’t charge you — more on what to do for getting reimbursed later.

Non-Moving Violation

These are simple things that can get a driver pulled over but are relatively quick and easy to resolve once the police officer addresses the situation. Although they’re not convenient if you’re in a rush, a driver can be back on the road right after being pulled over.

If your driver gets pulled over for one of these, then he or she will probably be able to get you to where you need to be, and you won’t be more than a few minutes late. Non-moving violations are typically issues with the car itself. Examples of these are:

  • Parking tickets
  • Parking meter violations
  • Faulty or broken taillights or headlights
  • Missing parts that are required by law
  • Expired tags

Moving Violations

These can be a little trickier and it will take longer for your driver to get you to your destination after getting pulled over. If you’re pressed for time and this happens, it might be necessary to find another ride.

Even though these take a little longer to resolve with the officer, most of the time, your driver will still be able to get back on the road and continue to your destination. These violations can include:

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Missing a stop sign

Driving Under the Influence or Serious Accidents

In extreme circumstances, your driver might be detained by the police and taken into custody, or their car is so severely damaged, the ride cannot continue. Clearly, this doesn’t happen often, but it can happen. This is one of those times when your ride will end, and you’ll 100% need to find an alternative means of travel.

And just to reiterate, you’ll need to pay for the additional rides, but this is something you can work out with Uber later. They’re very easy to work with and willing to help resolve the issue.


Obviously, Uber drivers are never to drink on the job. They’re also not supposed to have any alcohol at least four hours before starting. If your driver gets pulled over for a DUI, you’ll want to notify Uber immediately, not just for the refund but also to let them know about the driver because clearly, they shouldn’t be driving.


If the drivers’ car is damaged during an accident, even if it’s a minor fender bender, you’ll want to make sure to end the ride and get a new one. Accidents can take a long time to work through, so you could be held up for a while.

But, before you do catch a new ride, make sure that you check with the police and have taken care of anything they might need from you, such as a witness statement.

What to do if Your Uber Driver Gets Pulled Over?

When you’re the passenger of a rideshare service and your driver gets pulled over, it’s important to remain calm and take note of what happens. In some instances, you may even want to record the incident on your phone. Be mindful of what’s happening and of course, keep yourself safe.

While the Driver is with the Police

In some cases, the police will have the driver sit in their car. Other times, the drivers will remain in their own car. If your driver has been pulled over for a minor traffic violation such as a missing taillight that they weren’t aware of, if you feel comfortable and aren’t worried about time, then you can wait in the car.

However, if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any capacity, you should let your driver know you’ll be getting a new ride. Again, make sure that you’re taking note and documenting anything that you might want to use later if you plan on filing a complaint with Uber.

It’s also very important to note that your behavior does matter in these incidents. For your own safety, you should not get involved in anything between the driver and the police. Staying calm and letting the police know that you’re simply the passenger is the safest thing to do. If the police believe that you’re in danger at all, they’ll ask you to get out of the car.

But, on the other side of things, if the police suspect that there is illegal activity going on in the vehicle, they can search you and your belongings as well. It’s important to notify the police right away that you’re the passenger during an Uber ride.

After the Incident in Your Uber

Whether or not you chose to get a new ride, or you stuck it out with your driver, you’ll most likely want to report this to Uber. If your ride was less than satisfactory as a result of this, call Uber directly and request a refund. They are usually cooperative and fairly easy to work with.

Also, if you had to get an additional ride, make sure you mention that in your refund request. In most cases, Uber will refund you for both rides. The exception to this is if Uber doesn’t feel like the additional ride was necessary.

If you felt that the driver was unsafe or shouldn’t be able to continue as a driver, be sure to also file a complaint with Uber. As we discussed earlier, Uber does screen drivers, but they aren’t able to keep tabs on them 24/7, so occasionally, a driver flies under the radar and doesn’t follow the rules.

These are the kind of drivers that make the roads unsafe for everyone, so it’s important that you do report this activity to help Uber know about this driver. Otherwise, it’s possible that they might continue to drive and put more people in jeopardy. When filing your complaint with Uber, you may be able to share your own account of what happened. Again, accuracy is key in preventing this from happening again.

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