Lyft Driver Signup Bonus

Signing up for Lyft is easy, and profitable, as long as you sign up through a promotional referral link.

You’ll start by entering your cell phone number and agreeing to the terms of service. From there, it’ll take you to a page that asks for more of your personal information, and the city you’ll be driving in.

The Lyft driver sign-up bonus is really a guarantee of making a minimum income in your first 30 days.

This incentive varies based on the city and market you plan to drive in. For Colorado Springs it’s currently $700.00 and in Los Angeles, it’s a whopping $2800.00!

Generally, the larger bonuses are in busy cities and require a larger number of rides in a 30 day period. The income amount per ride is pretty consistent throughout all markets.

After signing up, you’ll have to wait to hear back from Lyft as they will run a background check (usually 3 to 5 days) before giving the approval to get out and drive.

In the meantime, work on getting your vehicle inspection taken care of as you’ll need that document uploaded to your account before you can get on the road. You can do a google search for a Lyft Hub in your city and in many cases, the inspections will be free of charge.

You’ll need to have all of the vehicle information entered and approved within the Lyft Driver App. This includes proof of insurance; make, model and license plate number; and vehicle inspection.

It’s a super-fast process that allows you to take a picture and upload documents with your smartphone!

It’s important to sign up using the referral link below or you will not qualify for the promotional signup bonus.

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