How To Ask Uber Driver For Multiple Stops

How To Ask Uber Driver For Multiple Stops

I use way too much Uber. Seriously, I have tried another ride-sharing app, but nothing compares to the Uber customer service. Sure, you get the occasional bad driver, but most of the time, I get great guys and gals who are thrilled about their job, at least they seem that way. For the most part, I go from point A to B, but recently, I had to pick up a few things from the grocery store on my way home, so I just added a stop.

So, how to ask Uber drivers for multiple stops? You can add up to three stops at any point during your ride by clicking the “+” next to the “Destination” box and choosing a location.

While adding stops is easy, there is more to it than meets the eye. There are a few things you should know about what it costs to add stops, how you should let your driver know about the stops, and what are some practices you should avoid. Read below to find out more.

Can You Ask Uber Drivers To Make Multiple Stops?

Uber was made to get you from one location to another. Then again, sometimes there are unexpected things that come up like your mom calling before Thanksgiving dinner and asking for a few extra ingredients for her famous pecan pie. How can you say no to that? That is why, back in 2017, Uber allowed customers to add stops to their rides.

Still, Uber drivers are not your private chauffeurs, so you don’t just get to ask them to do whatever you want, but most drivers are willing to meet reasonable requests.

The sad part, for the drivers at least, is that if they refuse to do something, they risk upsetting you and getting a bad review, which in this new gig-economy is a big deal.

What it really comes down to is mutual respect between you and the driver, plus if it’s for pecan pie I’m sure the driver will understand.

How to Add Multiple Stops to Your Uber Ride

It used to be that you had to ask if you could make a stop on the way to your destination, but with the recent update, you can just add it to your ride beforehand or during the ride.

Here’s how:

  1. Open your Uber app
  2. Click on the “+” symbol right next to the destination box
  3. This will allow you to enter up to 3 additional locations or stops before your destination
  4. You can do so at any point before or during the ride
  5. You can also edit or remove stops by simply accessing the on-trip screen from the Uber app home screen

Simple right?

Adding multiple stops is definitely possible, but there is a good and bad way to go about it. Read below to find out some of the best practices for when you need to add stops and what not to do.

Best Practices For Adding Multiple Stops

Now you know the secret that all Uber drivers are trying to hide. Yes, you can ask for multiple stops, and in fact, you can add them yourself. Of course, there is a right and wrong way to go about this practice.

Why Driver’s Might Not Want to Wait Even Though You’re Paying Them

I think it’s important that you understand the payment structure for Uber drivers before asking for stops. Driver pay depends on the state and country they are driving in, but let’s use some common figures.

Drivers earn roughly $0.76 per mile, which comes to around $42 per hour in a best-case scenario on a traffic-free highway. Sounds good, right? It isn’t necessarily as good as it sounds.

Unfortunately, driving conditions aren’t always ideal, and drivers don’t get paid the same rate when they have to stop and wait. For each minute an Uber driver waits, they earn around $0.11 per minute. Again this changes from one Uber-friendly region to the next but that $0.11 per minute converts to $6.60 an hour, of which the driver only takes home $4.95 because of the companies overhead.

So what ends up happening is you pay a person, who could potentially earn $42 an hour less than minimum wage. So when you make a driver wait too long, you cost them a lot of potential money.

Some states like Utah have raised the waiting time pay from $0.11 to $0.20, which is an almost double increase, but this is not a nationwide increase. So if you have to make a really long stop, maybe you should end the ride and order a new one which will cost you an additional $1.65.

How to Ask for a Stop the Nice Way

Of course, when you have to stop, it’s your right to do so, so here are some of the best practices for when you ask for multiple stops.

  • Ask Beforehand: You used to have to ask your driver to stop during your trip, and they could potentially refuse. Now you don’t have to ask but it’s a nice gesture. If you absolutely have to stop, just let the driver know that you are adding a quick stop to the trip. However, if it’s not something urgent go ahead and ask if it’s alright with the driver. Nine times out of ten they won’t refuse.
  • Leave a Positive Review: You may have to be extra nice with some drivers. If you ask for a stop and they seem a little on the edge about the whole thing, just let them know that you will leave them a good review for being ok with the multiple stops.
  • Offer to Pay a Tip: To sweeten the deal, let the driver know that you will give them an extra tip to make up for the stop.
  • Give an Estimated Time: Parking is sometimes an issue especially in cities with a high population, so let your driver know how long you will be making them wait so they can plan their parking situation.

These are just a few tips you should follow when adding and asking for multiple stops during your ride. With that, let’s take a look at some things you should definitely not do!

What NOT To Do When You Ask for Multiple Stops

Here are a few things you should not do under any circumstances before, during, or after you ask for an additional stop.

  • Don’t give a bad rating: Sure, if your Uber driver is super rude and makes you feel uncomfortable after you asked for a stop, then go ahead and give what you think is fair. However, if you asked for a stop and the driver asked you if it’s an emergency or if he or she could drop you off at that spot because they are in a rush to get home, then maybe you should avoid giving a low rating.
  • Don’t take too long: The first three minutes are similar to a grace period, so you don’t get charged. This may seem like you’re ripping off the driver, but it actually motivates you to quickly finish your business within the three minutes so that you don’t get charged, and the driver doesn’t have to wait for you too long.
  • Don’t be rude: Everyone is human, so be considerate and keep in mind that people are just doing their job and trying to make money. No one is your personal driver so be gracious.

As long as you stick with the above-mentioned dos and don’ts, you should feel like you did your best to work with the driver while taking advantage of the benefits of the Uber service. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you or your driver might need to stop during your ride and whether it is ok.

Quick Facts On Multiple Uber Stops

Ok, real quick, before we get into everything else, here are two facts you should know.

1. The first three minutes of the stop are free then you will be charged additionally for the stops (this will be minute based, more on that below)

2. It’s important to keep in mind that while you can share your ride cost with multiple friends, you can’t split it based on individual stops. In other words, your ride cost gets split evenly among everyone sharing the journey. So if you’re friend, Jack asked for a 20 minute stop which costs more than the 5 minute stop Jill took, everyone has to pay the final bill evenly, Jack doesn’t pay more.

Can You Ask an Uber Driver To Stop At a Store?

This is the main reason I would have to stop during an Uber ride, and I assume it’s the main reason for most people as well. Of course, you can definitely ask your Uber driver to stop by just adding an additional location to your app, but stopping at a store is a little tricky.

Stopping at a store can mean anything from, “let me grab a piece of bread” to “I need to do my holiday shopping.” Ok, the second one is a bit exaggerated. In any case, if you do have to add a stop, it shouldn’t be for a long shopping trip.

So while you definitely can stop at the store, be as quick as possible. If you notice your shopping is taking longer than expected, just let your driver know, thank him or her for the ride, and end the trip. Then just order a new Uber when you’re ready to leave.

Can You Ask Uber Driver To Stop For Food?

You can definitely ask your driver to go through a drive-thru, but be smart about it.

As you slow down and begin to stop in the drive-thru, you will be charged based on time. If you can get the food within three minutes, then great! However, if you see that there is a long line, you may end up being charged extra for the stop.

The good news is that Uber also offers a food-delivery service from some of your favorite places so you could just go home and order whatever your heart desires.

What About a Sit Down Meal?

Theoretically, you could add a stop to a restaurant or something like that, but it’s just not very considerate. I mean, the average visit to a sit-down place is close to an hour. Even if you are running into a fast-food restaurant, you are still going to make your driver wait for 20 minutes, at least.

Keep in mind, Uber drivers are motivated to agree with your every desire, so they likely won’t deny your request, but still, it doesn’t make sense to make an Uber driver stop for over 10 minutes.

Not to mention, if you make a stop that is over 20 minutes, you are actually losing money compared to if you were to simply end the ride and order a new one when you’re done with your meal.

What About a Lunch Break?

If it’s rush hour and you can’t find a ride after your lunch, you could make the Uber wait while you grab a quick bite to eat before you get back to the office.

A good practice is to let the driver know beforehand that you are going out for your lunch break, and you’re worried that you won’t be able to find a ride back to work in time.

To sweeten the deal, let the driver know you will be giving them a nice tip to make up for the lost time…then follow through when the ride is over!

Can An Uber Driver Make a Stop for Themselves?

Every once in a while, there are unexpected stops during your Uber ride. Some, like a flat tire or in a worst-case scenario, a minor crash or jamb, are more time-consuming.

With situations where you have to wait for more than 10 minutes, go ahead and end your ride and order a new Uber. Understand that the driver had nothing to do with the unexpected stop and that you shouldn’t leave a bad review just because he accidentally ran over a nail on the road or someone scratched his side mirror.

However, there are stops that require less time, and the driver could have prepared for it beforehand, like going to the bathroom or getting a snack. If your Uber driver asks to stop somewhere and pick up his or her dry-cleaning, I might be time for a poor review.

In situations like these, you need to contact Uber directly through your app and let them know what happened. They are actually very fast to respond and will deal with the matter internally.

What About Stopping for Gas?

There is, however, one situation that sort of lies between the middle — that sweet spot between an unexpected stop and something that doesn’t take much time. I’m speaking of course, about stopping to fill up the gas tank.

While I haven’t had an experience where an Uber driver has asked to stop for gas, it can definitely happen, and according to a lot of the online forums it has happened in the past to quite a few people.

Let’s assume you’re going about your business trying to get to the club on a Friday afternoon, or maybe you’re late for work and have to take an Uber because your car is in the shop. Whatever the reason, you are in an Uber and rushing to get to your location. All of a sudden, the driver asks to stop for gas.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “well, you could have thought about that earlier,” but the truth is drivers can’t predict how long the ride will take. Sure, if they stop for a bathroom break, it’s a problem, but think about it, would you rather stop two minutes for gas or have the car stop entirely from running out of fuel.

Uber will not refund you for the time spent at a gas station, so just be courteous about the whole process.

Can Uber Drivers Leave you Stranded

On the off chance that you got a driver in a really bad mood, then they could technically leave you at one of your stops…

It seems rude and unlikely, but it does happen, and the drivers are within their rights.

This is a really good reason to try and make any stops you need to make short and sweet. On a few online forums, you’ll see reports where drivers left after just a few minutes of waiting outside a gas station stop. So if there was ever an argument for why you should confirm with your driver that they will wait for just a minute, this is it!

Be as fast as possible, and avoid stops altogether if it’s not an absolute necessity. Keep in mind that your driver leaving is the least of your problems. What if you’re in an area with limited Uber rides? What if you stop at a high-rate area, and your Uber ends up costing way too much?

Consider the fact that your driver could leave and the consequences that come with your decision to add multiple stops.

Well, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about asking for additional stops on the way to your destination and the unexpected stops that could happen. Just remember to be kind. Uber drivers are making a living just like anyone else, so while you may want to stop for a bite to eat or need to do some shopping, be considerate of the implications it may have for your driver. Then, enjoy your ride and leave an honest review (and hopefully a tip) for your Uber driver!

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