Can A Lyft Account Be Shared?

Can A Lyft Account Be Shared?

Do you want to make your life a little easier and share your Lyft account with friends and family? Maybe you have a family member who doesn’t have a smartphone or doesn’t quite understand the process of using the Lyft app, and you’d like to be able to help them and send them a ride.

Can a Lyft account be shared? Lyft offers Family Rides, which gives you the ability to share your account and order rides for family members.  You also might find it beneficial to share route info with other people, and Lyft also has that feature. When you’re sharing a ride with friends, Lyft also has a great feature that allows you to easily split the fare evenly amongst riders.

You’ll also want to consider comparing Lyft to Uber to see what Uber has to offer in terms of options for sharing our account. Read on for more information on how to best share your Lyft account with your family!

What is Lyft’s Family Rides Feature?

Lyft offers a Family Rides feature that allows you to share your account with family members, and you can send a Lyft to pick up a friend or family member.

Lyft has partnered with Connected Living to offer you the ability to add family members to your Lyft account.

“Connected Living, the nation’s leading connector of families, friends, and communities today, announces the integration of ridesharing into its Connected Living mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. This service, known as Family Rides, creates a better way for family members taking care of aging parents to order, track and pay for rides for their loved ones with simplicity and peace of mind.”

Source: PRNewswire

Using Connected Living to Share Your Lyft Account

Connected Living is an app designed to help take care of senior citizens. It has other uses, but that was the original intent. Here are instructions on how you can request rides for family members using the Connected Living app.

  1. Download Connected Living App – it’s available for IOS and Android.
  2. Set up a free account with the usual – name, birthday, phone number, etc.
  3. Click on “Essentials.”
  4. Click on “transportation.”
  5. Click on “request a ride.”
  6. Enter Passenger details – enter the information of your family member or close friend that will be taking the Lyft. You must enter a phone number for them as well.
  7. Enter pick up location.
  8. Enter destination.
  9. Select pick-up time.
  10. Select the payment method.

That’s it. It’s quite simple. Now you can track the ride of your family members as well and ensure they reach their destination.

What are the Benefits of Using Family Rides?

Using Family Rides through Connected Living allows you to track your family members to ensure they safely reach their destination. It also allows you to use pre-saved payment information, so the passenger doesn’t have to worry about having cash or credit card on hand. It’ll just go right to your Lyft account, where you have the option of paying for it yourself or having their payment information loaded into your account.

Can You Add a Close Friend as a Family Member?

There is no requirement that “family” has to be a blood relative. If you’d like to help a neighbor or a friend, you can follow the same process as above.

Can You Use the Family Rides Feature with Children?

Lyft will not allow children under the age of 18 to ride by themselves. Children can ride in a Lyft, but an adult must accompany them. And, you need to provide a car seat for your child. This policy can be a bit cumbersome if you’re flying to vacation with your family and want to use a Lyft to get around, as you will need to lug a car seat around with you.

The exception is in New York City. In New York City, you can select “car seat ride” as an option in the Lyft app. Then, the car will arrive to pick you up, and they will bring a car seat. There is an additional $10 fee to request a car seat ride, and an adult must still be present to ride with the child.

Lyft’s partnership with Connected Living makes the Family Rides feature an excellent option for you if you’re looking to share your account with family and friends.

How Many Payment Methods Can You Have in Your Lyft Account?

You can add multiple credit card payment options to your Lyft account. You can add payment accounts to your account at any time. You’ll be able to click on which payment method you wish to use before you sign up for each ride you or your family takes.

If you are sharing your account with someone and sending a ride for your friend, you can just click on their credit card information you’ve already uploaded in your account, ensuring they are charged directly.

To add a payment method to your Lyft account, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Lyft app.
  2. Access the menu in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Click “payment,” which will allow you to add or update existing payment information. You can also edit, which is your default payment method.

Before agreeing to each Lyft ride, you’ll have the option to select any of the payment methods in your account. It will default to what you’ve chosen as your default method, but with the click of your thumb, you can select any of the other payment options in your account.

Why You Should Share Your Lyft Account 

Sharing your Lyft account is a great way to help out friends and family. Maybe you know people who only need to use Lyft once a year, and they just don’t want to set up accounts, input credit card information, etc.

By requesting rides for your family members, you save them from having to sign up for their own accounts. You can offer convenience to a loved one who might not be technologically savvy enough to do it on her own. Or, maybe you have an elderly relative on a fixed income, and you want to do them a favor and pay for their rides to the doctor.

If you’re organizing a big event and want to preplan to send cars for various people, you can also do this from the Lyft app.

Using Your Lyft Account with Other Apps

Lyft has made it convenient to use your account with other apps. You can now call for Lyft rides through other apps thanks to the Application Program Interface (API).

The API program that Lyft started allows customers to ask for a Lyft car through different apps like Google Maps, Slack, Waze, and Facebook Messenger. You can link directly to your Lyft app through any of those programs.

For example, if you are making plans with your friends via Facebook Messenger and they send you the name of a restaurant to meet at, you can now press a button in Facebook Messenger and call a Lyft instantly directly from the app.

This feature can be helpful if you’re sharing your account. Perhaps you are in a group chat on Facebook Messenger, and your friend asks you to send a Lyft to pick her up. Now, you can click directly on the Lyft app from your chat in Messenger and order her a ride.

How to Get a Ride for Your Friend with Your Lyft Account

Instead of worrying about an elderly relative trying to navigate social media for the first time, call her a ride yourself from your Lyft app. You can do this without using the Connect Living app.

The “Family Rides” feature in Lyft allows you to call for a Lyft for someone else. To request a ride for someone else, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Lyft app and type in the destination like usual.
  2. Make sure the Pick-Up location is where your friend is, not where you are. You’ll probably need to delete “current location” and input the place where your friend is.
  3. Choose the type of car you want and click “select Lyft.”
  4. “Add a note for driver” will now be an option. Click this and put in a note to explain who he will be picking up and maybe a description of what they are wearing, so it’s easy for him to find them.
  5. Click “confirm pick-up.”

Once the driver is assigned, you’ll also have the ability to send him a text or give him a call if you want to provide him with any additional info about who he is picking up.

Using a Lyft Account to Share Rides During Peak Times

Lyft does increase rates during surge periods. If you go to a concert or a ballgame and 50,000 people are all leaving the same place at the same time, your rates will be a lot higher than usual. They could be two or three times the cost of a typical ride, or even higher depending on exactly how many people are currently using the service.

Surge rates are determined by an algorithm that counts how many people have the app open at the same time in the same place. If there are a thousand users at the same time, the rates will go up.

Aside from avoiding travel during peak times, what else can you do to get lower fares?  One way is to share rides with others, whether they are your friends or a carpool. Sharing a trip during peak times will allow you to pay a lower fare, closer to what you would typically expect for a ride of the same distance and duration. 

Consider also sharing rides if you’re traveling to the airport. If you’re flying during peak times, like over Thanksgiving, your rates are going to be higher. If you just allow yourself some extra time to pick up other passengers, you can carpool to the airport and get your portion of the fare reduced.

Sharing Route Info When Using your Lyft Account

A great safety feature that Lyft offers is the ability to share your route info with other people. If your friends are waiting on you for dinner, they can easily track where you are and when you’ll arrive, and it also allows them to monitor your ride for your safety to make sure your driver doesn’t take you to an unwanted destination. 

It’s easy to share your route info, just click “Send ETA” from the app, and you’ll be able to send a link via text message to your friend. The link will give them your current route and location, as well as your progress toward the destination, a photo of the driver, and everything they need to know about the vehicle – make, model, and license plate number.

This sharing feature is great if you have people waiting on you.  It will allow them to track your arrival, and it’ll make sure you don’t get driven off into the woods.

Split Fares with your Lyft Account when Sharing with Friends

Lyft will allow you to ride with many of your friends in the same car. It’s common to ride with 3 or 4 friends, and if you want to ride with more, you can request a Lyft XL.

If you’re riding with many people, maybe you want to split your fare and have everyone pay the same amount. Fortunately, Lyft makes this pretty easy to do. Before the ride is over, perform the following steps:

  1. Request a ride like you normally would through your Lyft app.
  2. Open the menu that says “ride options.”
  3. Click “Split Fare,” and then you can choose up to as many as five friends from your contact list.
  4. Once your friends accept, the fare will automatically be split evenly.

It’s pretty simple to do and makes sharing your Lyft ride with friends very convenient. One caveat, there is a .25 cent fee to split fares for each passenger, which is still cheaper than if you were paying for the whole ride yourself!

Alternatives to Using your Lyft Account for Shared Rides

While using your Lyft account might be your first option for transportation, what are some other options? Aside from public transportation, if available, the other option is to call an Uber. No article on Lyft would be complete without at least mentioning Uber as another option for shared rides. There are some other smaller ridesharing options, but Uber is the primary competitor to Lyft.

While a comparison of Lyft vs. Uber would take up an article all on its own, here are some key highlights you should know when choosing between the two:

  • Lyft is available in fewer markets than Uber. It is only available in the US and less than 70 major cities, whereas Uber is available in over 200 cities.
  • Generally, the experience of using each app is pretty similar. The interfaces are very similar, and the costs per ride are competitive when comparing Lyft to Uber.
  • Sharing your Uber account – Like Lyft, Uber offers a similar policy to share your account with family. You can set up a “Family Profile” and add accounts for up to 10 people. This feature allows your friends and family to use your account if you desire.
  • Both Uber and Lyft have been in the news for negative reasons. Yes, there have been instances of drivers assaulting their passengers. However, they are both pretty equal. Both companies are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their passengers, and neither is exponentially worse than the other. Use common sense, practice proper safety measures, and share your route with your friends and family, and you can head off some of the concerns of riding with strangers.

Uber is the prime competitor to Lyft, but there aren’t too many differences between the two. As long as you’re in a city where Lyft is available, it’s an excellent way to travel!

Sharing your Lyft Account

Lyft has made it very easy to hail a ride for yourself or your friends. You can share your Lyft account to help your friends and family get rides. Once you’ve selected a ride, you can also share your route info with others, which is a great feature both for convenience and for safety.  

You can also share rides with friends and easily split the fares. We’ve come a long way from traveling in yellow taxi cabs in major cities. Uber and Lyft have made yellow taxis seem almost as archaic as the old horse and buggies. Now we can hail rides almost anywhere, split fares seamlessly, and share with your friends and family. Embrace all that we have available to us with modern technology!

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